Apollo Half Time Oven AAC34

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Date Published: 8/21/08

The Apollo Half Time Oven AAC34 is a combination convection/microwave oven with the ability to cook and brown foods like a gas or electric oven in about half the time! We were very impressed not only by how easy this oven was to use but also by its ability to make good on its promise. We cooked a full-size meatloaf, from scratch, in about 35 minutes. The meat was browned on top and evenly cooked throughout. It was even a bit moister, most likely due to the shortened cooking time. The oven temperature is set the same as if the foods were being cooked in a conventional oven; only the time is changed.

As a microwave, the Half Time Oven is simple, straightforward and efficient. You can enter any time using the numeric keypad and press start. There are four Express Cook buttons preprogrammed for making popcorn, soup/beverage, and defrosting (by weight or time). Available in black, white or stainless steel finishes, this model has an all stainless steel interior and comes with a 12.5-inch-diameter glass turntable, as well as a specially designed nonstick metal elevated cooking tray, which is designed for use during the convection and half-time functions. The metal tray should not be used during microwave-only cooking.

The specialty functions on this oven are really amazing. In addition to the Half Time button, there are two settings that enable you to cook an entire meal (consisting of meat, poultry or fish fillets, potatoes or rice and vegetables) simultaneously.

We loved the versatility of this appliance, which not only provides extra cooking capacity, but also saves valuable time in the process. There are four cooking modes: Half Time, Complete Meal, Convection and Microwave. The Convection mode acts very much like a conventional oven, using traditional oven temperatures and settings and delivering results akin to a standard gas or electric oven. The convection oven relies on 1,600 watts of turbo-powered heat -- plenty for whatever cooking task needs to be completed.

We liked the "smart" attributes of this oven, such as its ability to add in preheating time when necessary, or to adjust the cooking time if the oven is already heated from a previous cycle. It is also incredibly easy to program. There are no confusing codes; just simple, straightforward entering of the cook time and oven temperature (from 150-450 degrees Fahrenheit).

The interior provides a generous 1-cubic-foot capacity, which can accommodate round or square casseroles up to 12 inches in diameter and roughly 6-7 inches tall. Its versatility and ability to handle literally any type of cooking task make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Pros: Convection cooking, microwaving, cooks foods in half the time for a conventional oven, uses 50 percent less energy than gas or electric oven
Cons: Larger unit requires extra counter space, no sensor

1 year; 5 years, magnetron tube